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AI Trade

What is a AI Trading Bot?
Trading Bot is a software designed to communicate directly with the trading exchanges. Trading Bot can make buy and sell order on your account based on what is already set up. Trading Bot decisions are made based on the market price movement and responding to predefined rules.
Trading Bot have been very victorious in such fields as forex, stock and now the cryptocurrency market, it is still young, but the future will also be a very fertile market for distributors.

The trading bot will compare the price difference between the current trading exchanges, then buy on low-value parties and sell on the higher value side automatically. It was applied AI technology and current analytical tools such as EMA, RSI, Bollinger band .... so Inter-exchange trading bot can act as a professional trader without any human intervention.

Our inter-exchange trading bot is applied with many leading technologies nowadays creating an exclusive, optimal and unbreakable cycle: Data Analysis -> Learning machine -> IoT-> AI processor.

 Data analysis can initiate, collect, check or convert digital data into reports, research, analyse, propose and predict all information that may affect to the growth or crash of market and then send the results to the AI processor. Learning machine technology allows systems automated "learn" from data to be collected to handle the complexity of technical analysis (market wave) to make the most accurate decisions. Also learning machine will automatically update the latest security technologies to avoid risks from network attacks or hackers. IoT allows Inter-exchange trading bot to connect to devices, systems and services more effectively than machine-to-machine (M2M) and supports protocol and domain and application. This technology also allows Inter-exchange trading bot to connect, get price information and place orders instantly. AI (Artificial Intelligence) synthesises information and makes decisions about online transactions, reducing information inequality in the market, increasing efficiency while lowering transaction volume, efficiently supply and demand curves estimating.
The AI ​​processor will aggregate the data from the parts (the technologies mentioned above) to make decisions for their actions and vice versa, when the AI ​​identifies an odd problem, it sends the request to the remaining parts for analysis and processing.

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